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AA Chips and Coins: The Significance of These Tokens to One’s Sobriety Alcoholism is a daily struggle for many and if you’re one of them, you might want to indulge in the world of AA chips and coins. Proof has emerged regarding the use of AA medallions among people back in the days so they will be reminded of their road to sobriety. The Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of men and women who share the same experiences and sentiments with regard to alcoholism. Members try to come up with plans, strategies, and solutions for each other so everyone can start and stick with a recovery plan for this type of addiction.
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If you want to be one of them, there’s no other requirement than to have a very strong desire and determination to finally quit drinking. There are no hidden fees or any kind of membership fee that comes with joining the team. It is also not connected with any other organization and is considered a self-supporting organization. AA chips and coins are the emblem of the group’s medallion system that is given to members who achieve a certain recovery milestone. AA tokens are being used by people around the world even if they have not been included in the group’s core standards and institution. Some medallions stand for remembrance while some mark a member’s sobriety timeline. AA medallions are gifted to those who are either on the early stages of recovery or those who have finally reached a certain point of sobriety. The main goal is to celebrate a certain achievement and to keep reminding the person that there are many more years to live with sobriety. People in recovery receive AA tokens for each month that they’ve reached in their timeline and with each medallion added to their list, the desire towards faithful commitment becomes stronger. A lot of people who’ve reached a sober stage will tell you that a glance at their AA medallion immediately gives them enough motivation to stick with abstinence. If you know someone who is doing a great job with sobriety, you can drop by a token shop and get an AA chip for this person to celebrate his achievement. It is best that you get AA medallions from a token shop that offers wide selections for you to choose from. It is also advisable that you do some research so you know which AA chip to give for a particular achievement. Your gift will surely be appreciated and you are helping this special person have more reasons to keep trudging the path to recovery. Sobriety is never easy to achieve or maintain but with AA tokens, recovering people now have things to remind them that they’re doing things right and their efforts are not in vain.